Conversation Analysis in Sport and Exercise: An Introduction to what, why and how

This workshop provides an introductory overview of Conversation Analysis (CA), especially its use in sport and exercise research. Designed for researchers with little or no previous CA experience, the workshop aims to provide an understanding of what CA is, what knowledge can be generated from this approach, what constitutes a good analysis, and a preliminary understanding of how to approach undertaking CA.

The workshop will provide examples of the types of research questions CA can answer and what contribution it can make to the field of qualitative sport and exercise research. Additionally, the workshop will address data sources and what constitutes data for CA approaches. The workshop will also provide an introduction into what Conversation Analysis looks like in practice and provide some tips on the basics of undertaking CA.

Workshop Convenor:

Suzie Cosh

Suzie is a senior lecturer in clinical psychology at the University of New England, Australia. She has a Masters (Clinical) and PhD in psychology and completed post-doctoral fellowships in Ulm, Germany and Bordeaux, France. Her research primarily draws on Conversation Analysis, in addition to other approaches such as discursive psychology, to explore athlete identity and mental wellbeing of athletes, especially within elite sport settings. In particular, Suzie’s work focuses on career transitions and the wellbeing of retired athletes, as well as examining body regulation within sport settings and disordered eating amongst athlete populations. View full profile here.